Mindful Photography St Ives

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Tuesday 29 August, 2023  1:30pm – 5pm

Improve your wellness through mindful photography.

This no-jargon masterclass will provide tips and tricks to enhance your creative confidence.


Mindful Photography, is based on opening the senses to connect with Nature and the world around us.

This masterclass aims to nurture an awareness within, seeing the extraordinary in the everyday, whilst cultivating a rewarding sense of inner space.

Mindful Photography is a proven technique for reducing stress, and increasing a gratifying sense fulfilment and wellbeing.

Photography lends itself to practicing mindfulness which is beneficial to mental health, specially at times when you may need ‘me time’ to become more grounded, relaxed and energised.

This Masterclass explores St Ives at a leisurely pace on foot, walking in the footsteps of some of the greatest artists. We pause at selected locations to produce captivating photographs.

The beautiful old town around the harbour, the immaculate golden sandy beaches, the aqua tones of the crystal clear Cornish Sea and the vast blue sky above.

The glorious light that defines st Ives, continues to inspire artists to this day.

At the end of the session we can enjoy a cup of tea and proper Cornish scones, while we discuss the photographs.

Topics include:
  • Creative aspect of photography
  • Grounding oneself in the here and the now
  • Mindful selection of a scene for visual impact and meditation
  • Mastering natural light through introspection
  • Exploring locations with great potential for mindful practice

This masterclass will not cover technical aspect of photography.

Who is this for?

This Masterclass is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels of photography.


Bring you camera* with a full battery and memory space.

*Smart Phone Cameras, DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Bridge, etc.


This masterclass will draw inspiration from St. Ives

Join us on Tuesday 1 August, 2023  1:30pm – 5pm

Starting point

We meet at the The Malakoff with one of the best panoramic views of St. Ives!

The Malakoff, The Terrace, Saint Ives TR26 2BP – Near St. Ives train station


Google maps – Malakoff Garden


The Masterclass is an investment in your creative capital and wellbeing; which I gladly help you to achieve through my knowledge, skills and energy whilst working with you.

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About St. Ives

St. Ives’ is rooted in the sea, beginning as a fishing village in the Middle Ages, to reaching its heyday in the mid 19th century as one of the most important fishing towns in the UK.

In the late 1800’s artist were drawn to St. Ives given it magnificent light and inspirational setting.

Since the 20th century its reputation grew as a major centre of British Art with international connections.

Mindful Photography Masterclass St. Ives


£25 when you pay by Bank Transfer

Diorama Days Limited
Account No.  68691351
Sort Code  53  61  44


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