Landscape Photography Holidays & Workshops in Cornwall & Devon UK

Connecting people with their passion for photography

Landscape Photography Holidays & Workshops in Cornwall & Devon UK.  Specialising in learning experiences that enhance your camera skills, whilst fostering creativity. We guide you through inspirational landscapes across National Parks & Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Our holiday courses and workshops appeal to those seeking a photography adventure.  Open to photographers at all skill levels, with no need for sophisticated equipment.  Mentoring with a uniquely constructive spirit, will transform your photography.  Enjoy personalised learning, within a group of up to four participants.  Harry Fricker MA (Image & Communication, Goldsmiths) is a professional photographer with 20+ years experience in Photography Education & Freelance Photojournalism.  Diorama Days is based in Cornwall with a mission of Connecting People With Their Passion For Photography.

The Bodmin Moor workshop, was superb! We’ve been putting your teachings to good use…. Thank you!

“Brilliant holiday! Well organised and professional.  I will definitely return this summer.”

“Awesome experience. Learnt so much! 10 out of 10 for Diorama Days!”

“Harry’s depth of knowledge, the degree of joy and encouragement was amazing. Highly recommend!!!”

“Harry has a knack for wrapping valuable hands-on advice with entertaining conversation.”

“Photography holiday like no other! Harry introduced us to new ways of thinking about photography! Your passion and enthusiasm are infectious!”

“I feel much more confident with my camera now and will certainly be taking more photographs!”

“I enjoyed the insight provided at the different locations and suggestions on composition”

“A fantastic photography holiday. Strongly recommend.”

Landscape Photography Holidays

Experiential Learning & Superior Accommodation
Cornwall & Devon – 3 & 4 days long


Non-residential, book your own accommodation, deep learning, 1 to 3 days
Cornwall & Devon

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