Diorama Days organises Landscape Photography Holidays & Workshops across National Parks & Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Set in stunning locations, the outdoor experience, is tailored to inspire your creativity and enhance your camera skills.  Open to photographers at all skill levels, with no need for sophisticated equipment.  Enjoy bespoke learning within a select micro group of up to four participants.  A uniquely constructive mentoring spirit will enable you to advance your practice.  Ideal for solo travellers, with no single supplement and great value for couples.

“Explored stunning landscapes with great hands-on advice. Harry has a knack for wrapping valuable information with entertaining conversation.”

“Awesome experience. Learnt so much! 10 out of 10 for Diorama Days!”

“Harry’s depth of knowledge, the degree of joy and encouragement was amazing. Highly recommend!!!”

“I feel much more confident with my camera now and will certainly be taking more photographs!”

“Brilliant holiday! Well organised and professional.  I will definitely return this summer.”

“I enjoyed the insight provided at the different locations and suggestions on composition”

“A photography holiday like no other! We learned so much! Harry introduced us to new ways of thinking about photography! Your passion and enthusiasm are infectious!”

Harry Fricker MA (Image & Communication, Goldsmiths), with 20+ years experience in Photography Education & Freelance Photojournalist, establishes Diorama Days to connect people with their passion for photography.  We are a Cornish business promoting the Natural Beauty of the Landscape in ethical & sustainable ways.  Our customers are at the heart of Diorama Days, you can be confident that we put you first, always.  We respect and promote heritage, traditions and local distinctiveness. We provide quality experiences with low impact on Nature. We contribute and support organisations that protect the environment. We advocate Lifelong Learning and Health & Wellness

Photography Holidays Cornwall Devon Spain Tours & Workshops


Premier experience, include accommodation in superior hotels, immersive learning, 3 to 10 days
Cornwall Devon & Spain


Non-residential, book your own accommodation, deep learning, 1 to 3 days
Cornwall & Devon

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